Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rikku/Steampunk Corset

I made this corset for an adapted cosplay of Rikku from FFX2 for AnimeNext 2010.

The original costume, 2009

Backstory: In 2009 two of my sisters and I cosplayed as Yuna, Rikku, and Payne from FFX2. As much as I love my adult body, I am a little tummy-conscious, so I decided to use the leftover fabric from the skirt for that costume to make a corset to wear with it so I didn't feel so self-conscious. My sister cosplaying Payne wore my black underbust corset as part of her costume for the same reason. It actually worked pretty well.

How I did it: I tweaked the pattern I've used for the Dore a little again, then cut out the pieces from the leftover fabric. For this corset I gave hip gussets a try, because I needed a little extra space in the hip and lower back edge.

I inserted the busk and then sewed the pieces together using the sandwich method previously referenced. At the back edge I pressed the fabric over and top-stitched right next to the edge to finish each half. I created bone channels as usual, except I left out some of the mid-panel bones because the panels were not really wide enough at the waist to accommodate an extra bone. It is boned with 1/4 in spirals and 1/2 in flat steels. Then I attached the binding in a similar way to what I did for the black underbust, by machine sewing the binding to the outside then flipping it to the inside and top-stitching from the outside to create a nice stitch effect (the inside is slightly messier looking because there is a flap of fabric that was excess from the binding, but nobody has to see the inside now do they?). I also sewed a simple rectangle of fabric to function as a modesty panel behind the lacing (no bones in it, just fabric that I usually have to have someone else help me straighten out before and after tightening the laces).

What I learned: Hip gussets are awesome. Gussets in general are a wondrous thing for the curvy woman.

What I might try next time: Gussets in the bust. I am wondering how that could affect the support and shape up top.

Final Thoughts: This corset turned out great and is as useful as the black underbust. It does have a more drastic shape and a little less mobility, but it is still fairly comfortable for several hours wear and dancing and moving around.

Photo copyright Fran Eber
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