Sunday, August 26, 2012

DomiKNITrix Snood

Maybe not the most flattering picture, but a few years back I knit myself a snood.

Backstory: In my knitting frenzy time I got a book called DomiKNITrix with some crazy awesome patterns in it (mohawk hat! devil hat!). One of the easier patterns that would still make me feel accomplished was the snood pattern.

How I did it: I followed the pattern. A lot of patterns call for you to start with circular needles and switch to DPNs (double pointed needles) as you work toward the crown; I just use DPNs for the whole thing.

What I learned: Snoods are cool, but don't like to stay on my head. I do have a lot of hair that apparently does not want to be contained.

What I might try next time: I want to try a slightly snood-ier snood - this one doesn't sit exactly the way I want it to. I may have to use crochet instead of knit for the shape I want. We'll see. Definitely need to mix up the colors.

Final Thoughts: Pretty, simple, cute. I need to use a yarn with sparkles or something to make one of these.

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