Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crochet Tentacles

Crochet tentacles are fun to make.

Backstory: I'm not really sure why I started messing around with crocheting tentacles. It may even have just been inspired by something I saw online.

How I did it: I somehow found this website with sculptural crochet examples, one of which is a curve and decrease that resembles a tentacle. I studied the examples and explanations and then just jumped in and started crocheting. The curving is created by using tall stitches on one side of the tube and shorter stitches on the other. Decreasing reduces the diameter of the tube until it comes to a point.

The octopus was formed by crocheting the body first. I did not really follow a pattern, just tried to let the shape happen, using the examples from the website and some experimentation. I then crocheted each tentacle individually, before attaching them to the body at the bottom.

The tentacle hat was a result of having super green yarn and deciding to make tentacles of it. I then crocheted a small hat, leaving a flap at the top for the tentacles to stick out of.

What I learned: Sculptural crochet is very organic. While you can follow a pattern with directions to create a duplicate of something already made, there is something fun about just doing and seeing what comes of it, making decisions as you go.

What I might try next time: I will continue to use the Sculptural Crochet Primer as inspiration for future projects.

Final Thoughts: Tentacles are cool.

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