Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crochet Tiny Hats

Tiny hats. They are popular recently, especially in the steampunk and goth fashion circles. What's better than a tiny hat? A tiny hat made of yarn.

Backstory: Well, for one thing, I was a blonde then. Very into the steampunk. So I decided to crochet tiny hats. The first one was done on a whim, and the others with a little more thought put in.

How I did it: I don't remember 100%, but I probably crocheted the flat top, then the tube, then the brim. They weren't always straight as I was still figuring out crochet in the round without accidentally adding or dropping stitches.

What I learned: There is a trick to going from crocheting a flat round to a tube. I couldn't explain it now, but could probably figure it out again.

What I might try next time: The only thing I can think to mix it up a little is to purposefully decrease in the tube to make the flat top wider, the tube taper, and the brim back to wide. Maybe on a slight curve, for an almost cartoonish styling.

Final Thoughts: Tiny crochet hats are super quick and fun, and easily attached with bobby pins. They will get crushed and curled and deformed after being shoved in a drawer or left out with things piled on them, but they can be easily moistened and reformed or steamed to allow shaping to be restored.

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