Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gift? Wrapping? Or both?

I am a great gift wrapper.

Backstory: My sister asked for fabric for Christmas. I delivered.

How I did it: I bought fabric (on discount, which meant I could buy *more* of it) and wrapped it around the other gifts I had for her (acrylic paint set, jewelry). Other pieces were folded into thinner bands to decorate. I used a ribbon to hold one closed, used the ribbon elastic (from TD Bank giftcard boxes, which I repurposed to wrap the jewelry in) to hold the other.

What I learned: Fabric in useful quantities is thick. Making it wrap neatly is a challenge.

What I might try next time: I think it worked great.

Final Thoughts: Um, this was a quick post. Not super exciting. Sorry. But, fabric is a great wrapping for eco-friendly folks who are crafters!

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