Friday, January 25, 2013

Braids - An Ongoing Adventure

Sarah has the best hair for braiding.

Backstory: Sarah has great hair for braiding. Sometimes, I just decide to play with her hair.

How I did it: On birdhouse painting day I tried two things with her hair. The first was kinda hard to do by myself, so I had to enlist my mom to help. It didn't work out exactly the way I envisioned it, but I'm sure with some tweaking and creativity I could maybe figure out how to make it work.

We each took a side and french braided her hair, but instead of pulling from either side of a straight part down the back of her head we alternated taking hair from slightly on the other side of where the part would be. Obviously our different braiding styles made it slightly uneven, but the general idea is there. I'd like to get it a little looser, so that it isn't so sectioned looking, and so that the  sections being pulled into the braids kinda lay on top of each other (more like the way the bottom of the hair looks in this picture).

We disassembled and then made two braids again, this time passing over the section of braid closest to the other side as we braided, creating some sort of weird multibraid that toward the bottom seemed almost make a seam between two adjacent braid sides of a polygonal tube (next I have to figure out how to integrate a third side, so it becomes a triangular tube of braids).

What I learned: It is a lot of fun just to experiment, especially with a willing test subject.

What I might try next time: Well, I'm still working on mastering the herringbone braid, so maybe some sort of toying around with that.

Final Thoughts: I would totally consider going to hair school, except I know by the time I was done with it I wouldn't be interested in hair as much anymore. But maybe someday if I win the lottery and have time to kill...

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