Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dave's Christmas Stocking

Dave's Christmas Stocking: A Story of Fitting In

Backstory: My mom made each of us kids Christmas stockings with appliqued things. Once Dave joined the family I decided it was only right that he had a stocking too (even if his doesn't have a fancy cuff with embroidered name - maybe someday I'll add that).

How I did it: I don't remember exactly (this was a while ago-like many years ago) but I assume I used my stocking to make a pattern, picked some Christmas-y background fabric, found some white (probably muslin) for the top cuff, and brainstormed an idea for what to put on his stocking. (My family's stockings include a doll, a little kid pointing at a star, a cat...) Dave likes dogs, so I decided a puppy would be cute (and happened to have a cute puppy applique pattern lying about), and the puppy would also be trouble, so the puppy got tangled in the lights. The puppy and lights are Wonder-Under-ed on (fusible interfacing stuff), and then stitched around with a zigzag stitch.The silver cord is also attached with a zigzag stitch.

What I learned: I don't remember. It was too long ago.

What I might try next time: Well, when we have kids, they'll get their own stockings too. I don't know what designs will be on them, but I like the tradition.

Final Thoughts: Dave's stocking is cuter than mine (just kidding, Mom!).

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