Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Present - Crocheted Mini-Loki

Backstory: My sister Caith likes Loki (from Thor, The Avengers, and Thor 2) a lot. As part of Christmas this year us kids exchanged stocking stuffers as well (to help Mom and Dad so they didn't have to do all of the stocking stuffing). We found a keychain I thought she'd like, but I wanted something else. I had seen the PocketLoki pattern on Over The Bifrost ( but didn't have the right yarn or tools for that pattern, so I took it upon myself to figure out something similar using what I did have.

How I Did It: I decided to use the base head and body from Creepy Cute Crochet ( and modify the arms and add legs so it would be similar to the PocketLoki from Over The Bifrost.

I made the arms with a magic ring and increase round and then I think one round in the 'flesh' (a kinda off white color because Loki is pale) yarn, then switched to black for another few rounds until it seemed long enough. I know, real scientific here and if I want to make another one (or maybe a matching Thor for my sister Sarah) it would have helped to have it written down. Oh well.

The legs I made just a tiny bit wider than the arms, but following the same principal (magic ring, increase, keep going until it seems long enough).

For the jacket I used the pattern from Over the Bifrost, except I added width in the back because my guy was obviously differently sized due to me using a completely different body pattern in different yarn on a different size hook than their pattern. I kept checking the sizing against the base doll. I stitched the jacket closed at the shoulders but didn't sew it to the doll - it slips nicely around the arms and stays in place.

I used the hair directions from Creepy Cute Crochet ( to make a fringe from tatting thread. I tried to use a hairpin lace loom as suggested, but it kept shifting and sliding apart and pissing me off, so I ended up ripping a piece of the cardboard the loom had come on and used that instead. It was still a pain in the butt to make, and I definitely gave up on trying to use a thin thread to hold it together. In the end, Loki ended up with extremely thick luxurious hair.

I tried adapting the helmet directions from  Over the Bifrost but did not like the way it formed, so I decided to make it up, starting from the bottom edge and working up to the point at the front edge. I did adapt the horns from Over the Bifrost, just shortening them.

What I Learned: It probably would have been easier to get the right yarn and hook and follow the pattern, but I was able to tweak things to make an end product that I was pretty pleased with. Trial and error seemed to work.

What I might try next time: I might try getting the lace weight yarn and small hook. If I make a Mini Thor, I will have to figure out his outfit pieces.

Final Thoughts: I think Loki is cute. And the crochet hook made a great makeshift scepter! 

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