Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rainbow Nail Art

Backstory: My Nerdy Nail Night polish job was flaking off onto my cutting board as I tried to make dinner, so it needed to come off. I like rainbows, and the whole DOMA decision had hit the news, so I decided to do some rainbow art on my nails. I did, however, do yardwork the two previous days, including weed whacking pretty much my entire backyard, so I had the particular challenge of painting my nails with muscle twitching and shaky hands.

How I did it: I have the purpley-pink, blue, yellow, and red polishes. I needed to mix the green and orange. I used a piece of junk mail as a palette, and used drops of polish on the palette to paint the nails. I started with the red, using a toothpick to attempt to apply as smooth a line as possible, on a curve on the thumb and then following the curve on the other nails. The orange was a mix of the red with an orange-toned yellow polish I have. The yellow was a different, bright yellow. The green was some blue with the bright yellow, and a drop or two of the orange-toned yellow. Then the blue straight, and the purpley-pink straight. I used the polish brush to dab on the white for the clouds. Then I attempted to repeat the process on my right hand, which was an exercise in creative manipulation of my hands.

What I learned: It is hard to do a smooth line with a toothpick and hands that shake like I've got a neurological problem. I probably should stick to solid colors after doing yardwork, or at least immediately after.

What I might try next time: I need to make or buy a fine brush for doing artsy nail stuff, which would make the application a little smoother.

Final Thoughts: The nails are currently chipping away, but they were pretty cute while they lasted!

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