Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Quick Sketch - Brit

Backstory: I like to play tabletop RPGs (role playing games for the uninitiated, although I'ma gonna assume if you are reading my blog you either know me and know of these things or are nerd/gamer connected in some manner), most recently DnD Next, Pathfinder and HERO system. I am lucky in that I have friends who like to GM (game master) for us, and other friends who like to play and who are fun to play with. I usually put way too much thought into my characters and build characters whose skills and/or powers are much better than what I choose to do with them (because I like to hold myself back for funsies). One of my favorite... genres, I guess... is Teen Champions - high school age superpowers, with all the fun drama and shenanigans that entails. I guess I just like reliving high school through a different perspective.

Sometimes I feel compelled to draw my characters. Usually this does not end well and the resultant sketches are hidden away from the world. This time, it didn't turn out half bad, so I decided to blog about it (and since I've not done any significant crafting in a while it'll be the only blog post for a while, lol).

Brit used to be a cheerleader but now is... a rebel? I dunno. She had a major meltdown, chopped off her blonde ponytail, and started getting into trouble. Gone are the days of primping in front of the mirror (who am I kidding? A teenage former cheerleader still worries about her image, it's just a different image...), now she spends time riding her dad's old motorcycle and not going to class. She puts on a pretty good front of not caring, but she's really rather broken and unsure.

How I did it: I just started sketching. The scan actually hides a lot of the erasure marks and stray pencil stuff that you can see on the actual sketch. The legs took me forever (drawn, erased, drawn, erased...), and I still don't really like the whole body positioning, but nobody every claimed I was good at drawing anatomy. I hate drawing hands, which is why I put something in her hand, which looks kinda weird anyway. I also decided to kinda sketch her upper arm tattoo, which is okay.

What I learned: I need to sketch more often so I can get better at this stuff.

What I might try next time: Putting something related in her hand. Like, I dunno, a motorcycle helmet since she rides? Ahh, hindsight.

Oh, and finishing a drawing, like doing ink and maybe even color or something. I tend to pencil sketch and then be done. Or pencil sketch the same thing over and over, never really getting a finished product I like.

Final Thoughts: It's not half bad.

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