Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pink Converse Sneaker Nail Art

More nail fun!

Backstory: I have regular hang-outs with a couple of crafty friends, one of whom was at my nail party. Since my previous nails hadn't lasted long (I needed to do better nail prep, base coat, and top coat, it seems), we decided to redo our nails. CutePolish on Youtube gave us plenty of inspiration.

How I did it: I used the cover image on the CutePolish Converse Nails video as a basis for my nails. The accent nail got a base coat of hot pink, partially because I like pink and partially because it had gotten into my friend's polish supply but doesn't belong to her. I used the point of a pen to dot on the grommets with black and shimmery polish mixed together, then put the white polish across the tip. My friend had decided to make a striping brush from an old polish she didn't use (and ripped the glass top off the bottle in the process - she's a superwoman!), so I used that to paint the laces. I decided to do the rest of the nails white with pink tips.

What I learned: Using a base coat and top coat really helps.

What I might try next time: NaNoWriMo is coming soon, and CutePolish has some cute back-to-school nails that also work for novel-writing nails, like pencils and lined paper.

Final Thoughts: Nail art is fun.

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