Saturday, January 18, 2014

Crafting More Update

This week I got little crafting done. Last Friday I did a few rounds on the hat, but this week I had bus duty at work and was tired from the sore throat I developed last Friday night, so I just didn't feel like taking the hat out and starting to work just to get one round done and then have to put it away and get outside for bus duty.

Today I cleaned and moved some furniture in the living room. The ultimate goal is to have a craft workspace on my desk. Right now it looks like this:

So it is a bit of a work in progress. But the living room is looking better, aside from the bin, box, and basket that I put on the couch to encourage the cat to sit on the top of the couch on the fleece I have specifically for her to sit on. She prefers to sit *everywhere* and leave her fur on every surface, so I have to put things in her way, or put a towel on the couch if I want to sit down, or be covered in fur. I wish I could shave her.

Next step is to clean the desk and organize the drawers next to the desk for maximum craft accessibility.

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